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Realtimeseismic is a geoscience and data company. We provide services and custom products across the whole geoscience spectrum. We specialize in seismic processing, data processing, survey and solution design, project management. We work in exploration, from the O&G and deep geothermal applications to mining and hydrogeology, in global seismology and induced seismicity, in near-surface geophysics for engineering and environmental applications


Seismic data processing and imaging, to the highest standards

We specialize in seismic processing and imaging, from the complex near-surface perturbation corrections to the high-end imaging, including pre-stack depth migration, integration of active and passive data, PSDM of 2D data in 3D models

Ultra-fast processing, the shortest turnaround

We have developed the tools and workflows for an incredibly fast processing and reprocessing of seismic data. For newly acquired data or for the reprocessing of old vintages, fast imaging allows taking the right decisions first, before others

Optimal project and solutions, with smarter survey design and complete data control

Advanced data analysis and control tools coupled with fast simulation solutions to design optimal surveys, saving time and money. The infield data control and processing allows adapting and correcting the acquisition parameters