We have provided services and solutions for the management, control, optimisation of land seismic operations, with innovative, automatic data analysis approaches. We have a large experience with many nodal systems, and with high-productivity techniques. We have supported land operations in all environments, we have helped clients and partners adopt new solutions and systems.

Seismic processing and imaging, for 3D and 2D data, onshore, offshore and transition zone. With an efficient data reconstruction and control solution we have experience with the most modern acquisition and with the oldest vintages. We enjoy challenging datasets, we are proud of our expertise in near-surface characterization and noise attenuation, as well as in complex workflows for land projects. And we know when we can keep things simple

Experience in transition zone and shallow water, in multicomponent data analysis, in geometry reconstruction for seabed data. We have handled complex, unconventional geometries and we can assist providing on-board service backed by a committed, expert remote-support.

We have developed specific tools for the seismic geothermal exploration, to optimise urban acquisition and processing. We adopt innovative geometries and acquisition techniques coupled to adapted processing strategies, to make geothermal exploration affordable and fast. We have worked on tens of projects in Europe

We design, deploy and manage seismic monitoring networks, to monitor induced seismicity and manage the seismic risk of storage and geothermal projects. Our robust and reliable system can handle surface and borehole sensors, we have calibrated multiple networks and monitoring systems and integrated active and passive data in the development of efficient and robust monitoring solutions. We have experience with many sensors and digitizers, and with DAS

We develop algorithms, modelling and processing modules, applications, solutions and workflows, we design and perform experiments at different scales, we integrate solutions in commercial or custom platforms and software.



Survey design, from pre-feasibility to operational survey design, optimization, CFT, contract support, audit, field QC and processing, supervision. With proprietary technology we can create realistic synthetic data with coherent and incoherent noise to really optimise acquisition geometries. A partner for your projects, working for the optimal execution and quality within time and budget.


Seismic processing and imaging, high end services, ultra-fast turnaround. Land and marine, 2D and 3D, specialized services in time and depth, with a passion for challenging and difficult data. We have experience in many basins worldwide, and for all targets, at all depths. We have a unique expertise in land noise attenuation and modelling, in statics and near-surface, in model-building


Research and development, from the equations to the prototyping, the development and the proof of concept, the design and support of large scale tests, the deployment of custom solution. We can integrate solutions in commercial platforms, we can help clients adopt open-source solutions.


In-field processing services with very fast workflows, to assess quantitatively the data quality and value, to adapt the survey parameters. Specialised in nodal surveys, with unique abilities to reconstruct geometries. We can support operations remotely, with proprietary web-bases applications for the data control, with thorough, accurate and timely reporting


Data analysis and processing, data integration, fast assessment of geophysical raw data and images to support and exploration decisions. Surface and subsurface data management, well-data processing and integration


From the advanced geomechanical services to the microseismic monitoring, the integration of time-lapse and geomechanics, the design and management of monitoring systems and networks. We install and operate seismic monitoring networks, we provide software solutions for the real-time data acquisition and processing